Snotra Protocol’s Zealy Campaign: Quests and Rewards

Snotra Protocol
2 min readMar 2, 2024

It has been a long while and finally we’re pleased to announce that we have crossed a significant milestone as we unveil the testnet website as well as our Zealy Sprint campaign. Snotra Protocol is offering various rewards to participants of the campaign. Within the scope of this campaign, participants who complete missions stand a chance to win various prizes including Early, WL & OG role as well as Snotra Points. Here’s a breakdown of the prizes for each role:

Early Role

  • Access to early closed beta
  • Extra points at the start of Closed beta


  • Guaranteed Mint & [REDACTED]


  • Guaranteed Mint
  • Discount on mint price & [REDACTED]
  • Points (Coming Soon!)

Rewards Distribution Model:

1.Participants will be rewarded according to their Zealy points:

  • 1000p = Early Role (1000+)
  • 1200р = WL (250+)
  • 2000p = OG (10+)

Top ranked participants will be rewarded with Snotra Points:

[1–10 = 300 Snotra Points] [10–50 = 200 Snotra Points] [50–100 = 100 Snotra Points] To ensure fairness and increased participation, a couple of partnership campaigns will run weekly leading up to the testnet launch. We invite you to join us as we embark on this exciting journey towards our testnet launch and share in the rewards for participants. Keep your eyes glued to our socials for more information regarding the campaign!

Note: For every 100 Snotra points collected, you will be entitled to open 1 box. Tickets will be earned according to the rarty of the boxes. These tickets will entitle you to participate in the $5000 $FUD prize pool draw.

👉 Join our Zealy:

Website | Twitter | Discord



Snotra Protocol

Snotra is the first NFT protocol for NFT lending/borrowing, Mortgage on Move ecosystem in a single dApp.